Sunday, June 12, 2011

My favorite Blogs and more fabulous photos of food, flowers and fun!

I started writing this about an hour ago but wanted to check out my favorite blogs first...I ALWAYS GET SUCKED IN!!!!  Check out some of my favorite places to check out for inspiration, cool finds and beautiful images!!!

A Cup of Jo

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Hello, Friend 

The list goes on and on...but these three I check out on the daily.  They cover overall inspiration for your kitchen, closet and apartment along with just feel good images!  I do love them all!

I have been to a few markets in the last few weeks.  Here are some photos from my adventures!

First up we go to Broadway Market in East London.  This market is every Saturday and covers food, flowers, entertainment, vintage finds and more.

Yeah, those are piles of cookies!!!!!  Some with chocolate, some with oatmeal...some with candy coated eggs (and yes, I purchased one for my afternoon picnic in Hyde Park!).  

Fruit Fudge anyone?

I tried this truffle balsamic drizzle...I LOVE truffles and this over a salad or asparagus...done and DONE!!!  Beautiful!

Next, on this particular Saturday, I headed to Hyde Park for a picnic with my UK family and some friends.  On our walk back,  we stumbled onto this lovely spot in the middle of the park called Serpentine bar and kitchen.  Check out their website .

Muffins and fruit heaven!

Yeah, they don't play...can I get some blueberries in these muffins?

Next trip home for the wedding of my best friend last weekend (blog/pictures will follow at some point).  You may remember her from my last post when I highlighted our Bachelorette weekend in New Orleans!  In the days before the wedding...we had a few errands to run and I'm OBSESSED with this fancy disco glitter palette I found at Urban Outfitters for future costume projects!  LOOK AT ALL THESE COLORS!!!

If you are digging it and enjoy dressing in costume as much as I can purchase your own set HERE

While there also,  I found this fabulous interior design book that had the solution for my spare bedroom.  I want to document all of the people who visit and stay in our spare bedroom somehow....POOF!  I love this idea below of taping great black and white and a few sepia color shots directly on the wall.  If done right with the whole 1950's-esque white border could be GREAT!!!!  

Meanwhile, back in London this weekend...I got to see my dear friend visiting from the United States.  We enjoyed Borough Market at London Bridge...a weekend MUST if you haven't done it and if you remotely like FOOD!!!  I grabbed a coffee at my favorite coffee shop and took two quick photos before heading into town.  1) flowers get any better?  2) Mugs all bunched together on the espresso machine...clutter never looked so chic and fabulous!

I arrived at Borough Market and took the below pictures of all of the amazing food.  Start planning your visit!

Above are homemade marshmellows.  I liked the Summer Berry flavor but was also intrigued by the elderflower version also!

This is where the photography and blog "work" ended.......Prosecco? YES PLEASE!!!!!

It has been a great few weeks!  I can't wait until next weekend when Regents Park is taken over by TASTE OF LONDON...a restaurant festival like no other!  I went last year and can't wait to re-visit all of the amazing smells, flavors and bites that London's top chefs have to offer!  Stay tuned!  Enjoy good food, wine and laughter with family and friends this week!!!  Ciao for now!

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