Sunday, March 25, 2012

The perfect hangover cure...THE FRY UP SANDWICH!!!!

The man and I had a lovely dinner last night with our friends and their little beautiful baby girl born a few weeks ago.  Our cuisine of choice...TURKISH!  We visited Levante,  a local turkish gem with fresh food cooked in clear view of the customers.  The amazing smells of all of the flavors just surf around the restaurant.  It makes for a really a nice Saturday evening.

You can see that we enjoyed a few brews along with some treats including Hummus,  Turkish Sausage and Grilled Halloumi Cheese. If you have never had Halloumi,  try and track some down...grill it like you would a steak (I'm won't melt) and put it over a salad with some tomatoes and light dressing...change your life.  

This AM,  one of us wasn't feeling on top of his A game so I decided to whip up a hangover cure sandwich that I thought I would share with the Southern Stumpers!!!  It's super easy and can be thrown together in ten minutes tops!  It's taking the amazing traditional British Fry up and throwing it into some bread ....result...THE FRY UP SANDWICH.

What you will need:

2-3 pieces of thick cut bacon (or any bacon)
1 egg
two slices of multi grain/whole wheat bread or a roll...the thicker the bread, the better!
Ketchup, HP Brown sauce or no sauce at all...up to you!

First get your bacon into a frying pan and let it get working.  After about 2 minutes,  add your sliced onions.  Don't chop them too fine...just easy strips as you see above.

Meanwhile,  prep your bread.  I keep some butter out in one of my mini croquettes out of the fridge so it is nice and soft when I need it.  I recommend this as it just makes butter spreading on much easier!  

Toast the bread and spread over your butter and sauce of choice.  I'm an HP Brown sauce girl but my man likes the ketchup so there you go....

Move your bacon and onions over to the side of the pan and adjust the surface so they are off the direct heat from below (this applies more to gas grills).  Crack open an egg and start to fry.  Take a fork and open the yolk.  This way the nice flavor is spread over the entire egg and not just in one place...

Depending how you like your eggs...cook accordingly.  Give it a flip and you're almost there...

Set your finished egg on one side of the bread and the bacon/onion mixture on the other. 

Join the two sides and out! This sandwich will KNOCK YOU OUT!!!!

This is a super easy sandwich to throw together and a perfect way to start your Saturday or Sunday morning!!!


See you all back here at The Southern Stump soon!!!!!

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  1. Ah I love this, definitely trying this after a night on the town. Good recipe, clear instructions :)