Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apartment Stress!

This week has been full of "To Do's" and I feel like I have gotten a lot done. The excitement of moving is shared with some stress in the weeks leading up to much to do.

1) Dr's appts. I have 4 in the next week!!!!Add Image
2) Furniture for Sale. Anyone need a rug, coffee table or dresser?
3) Spoke w/my provider...Cell Phone will be cancelled when I leave.
4) US Postal Service now knows when I will leave and my dear friend Kim has agreed to let me forward my mail to her since she is in the US. Fabulous!!!!

Stuff I still need to do:

1) Paint the walls in my room
2) Sell the Furniture...Anyone need a rug, coffee table or Dresser? Oh I already typed that?
3) Speak to my bank peeps to make sure I won't get charged any fees if I opt to keep my acct. open.
4) Find a Job
5) Seek Out Employment
6) GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!
7) Come up w/concepts for our flat in London.

I think 4,5 and 6 will have to wait until I arrive in the UK...oh well..won't settle for something that isn't what I'm looking for in terms of employment just so I can say I found something. It might take awhile. Thank god for free health care!!!

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