Thursday, June 10, 2010


Let's sum up what is going on and why I want to document it all.

Who I am and what is going on.

- Born, raised and edu-ma-cated in NC, moved to NYC 9 years ago and now moving to the UK...Londontown

Why am I blogging

- to keep my USA peeps up to speed on what is going on w/me (in novels here)

- to help other expats out who might be going through visa challenges, moving challenges etc. I will have first hand experience and can give a non corporate/real voice to how it works, what is rad and what sucks about it all as an American living in a new country.

- to just share random stuff that goes down...some interesting, some downers, hopefully most positive and most importantly...funny ;)!

Now let's figure this whole European thing out shall we?

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