Monday, July 12, 2010

Lucky 13

Thirteen days to go until my journey to London officially begins. I'm excited, anxious, scared to death and oddly confident at the same time. I know everything will work out but uncertainty is never something I'm fond of in my wiser not twenties anymore age...

I was invited to a movie Wednesday evening and my response to my friend was "My life is in a blender until I move". I feel like I have a million tasks jumbled together in any given moment. I'm really flexing my multi tasking muscle for SURE! thing at a time!

Tonight I'm being treated to a "Last Supper" with one of my mentors and head member of my NY friend tribe, Felicia. We are going to La Conda Verde in Tribeca...take a look at this menu and're jealous just a little bit ;)!!! I cannot wait!!! I know I have a ton to do but I have to remember to see and bond with all of the amazing people who have gotten me to this point in my life in NY so I look forward to spending the evening w/"Felly".

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