Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have thought and thought about how to keep this blog going and interesting. I could get on here and talk about how stressful it is being unemployed. I could tell you that I hate commuting in London (if we're being honest) and that, even though I like a lot about it here, I do miss my friends in New York VERY much.
Instead of whining, however, I thought...why not explore something that makes me happy and that I love. Why not start reviewing places I go in London. How much more fun is that!?!?!? Let's do it! Today found me trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding I'm attending in Wales this weekend. While walking around, I stumbled onto Kaffeine, a lovely little coffee shop on Titchfield Street in London whose card quotes:

"Given enough coffee, I could rule the world" - Author Unknown

I always get a little intimidated when I go into a "quick order" spot as I don't know right off the bat what I
want and I don't want to be rushed or hold up the line. Of course, the barista (who I think might have been a manager) came right over...

Him: "You alright? What can I get you?"

Me: "It's my first time here...I just need a minute."

From there, he was a dream...he walked me through all of their food choices (all fresh and beautiful) from Caprese Salad on a Baguette (my choice) to a range of fresh salads. The coffee shop
was bustling so I took a seat at a table with a guy who was reading a book which was my intention also as I sta
rted eating (I'm reading "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it's Luster" which is about how luxury brands became capitalist mass companies and how the product suffers...very interesting...sep. Blog).

They heated up the sandwich which was made up of melting fresh mozzarella sliced cheese, beautiful red tomatoes and fresh Basil. The Baguette was perfect...I was in heaven.

The service was amazing which I think is something not always
easy to find in my new home...I would highly recommend it to
anyone in the Soho neighborhood. I will be going back soon!

You can check out their blog here!!!


  1. if you are in the marylebone rd/baker st. area, check out golden hind fish and chips... if you're in the mood for that type of grub...

    oh, and the first few days I was there... I could not get over the "you alright?"... my response was usually, "yeah, I'm fine"

  2. I still don't get it. "You alright" sounds like something you would say to me if I had a cramp in the arch...and just yelled out and started massaging the pain in my foot!?!?!!!!!!!