Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LONDON 1st 10 Days!

I have arrived and am here in London! I flew in last Sunday, July 25th at 8:00pm and was surprised by my UK Fam! They gave me an amazing "Welcome to UK" giftbag filled w/British swag (from traditional Brit Candy to Trashy UK Magazines) along w/a beautiful formal tea cup and saucer!

For the first 10 days...let's do "Top 5 Lists"...5 loves and 5 "will eventually get used to's"


1) The FOOD is so FRESH at the supermarket. I LOVE that!
2) The architecture. This city is beautiful
3) My apartment/flat. We have so much space and I love that
4) The people I have met so far. Everyone is very cool and helpful.
5) The Tube (metro transport) maps...they are so easy to read and navigate


1) COMMUTING! It takes forever to get from A to B and the transfers take forever as each station is HUGE.
2) COMMUTERS!!! People bump into you w/out even a remote "Excuse Me" or "Sorry bout that". I'm here to change this culture.
3) No Dryers...most people line dry ALL of their laundry
4) NO BRAVO TV!!!!! For anyone who knows me...this station is my FAVORITE and I have gone 10 days w/out it. I'm stuck with E!
5) The cost of Cabs. In NY, it is easy to just "hop in a cab and be there in 10 minutes" that attitude will cost you a lot of money. Once I have a job, it might be an expense that contributes to my "mental well being"

Overall though, I know I'm going to love it here. The fact that I have finally gotten a phone after a week and a half of trying to get approved for one is a HUGE energy boost. Once I have my job, I'm anxious to start my new life in this new FABULOUS city!!!!!

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