Friday, September 24, 2010

Mission Thanksgiving!

So, this year I'm hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for my parents and my new UK family.   The two groups have not yet met so this will be quite a gathering!

This is a holiday that will only be the "norm" for about 25% of us so I think I can get away with making a few rookie mistakes as I prepare my first meal for this important US holiday...and the only critical people will be my parents whom I think would compliment anything I made.  You see,  I could barely boil water 2 years ago and now I pride myself on my cooking.  I think (hope) they will be proud!

The restaurant, coffee shop etc. reviews will be back soon but for now...I'm so excited to announce my first side dish that will be prepared for my Thanksgiving festivities at my flat for my guests!  I cooked the Mario Batali "Babbo" version of Brussel Sprouts & Green Beans with pancetta and have to say....they were pretty darn good.  I thought about adding them to my Thanksgiving menu and my boyfriend said mid meal...

"You should make these for Thanksgiving"

It's official....they made the cut and are IN!!!!  Now,  I just need to figure out how to cook a turkey :-/

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  1. Consult Tom for the perfect turkey recipe. He has it down to a science. And, I think you made the brussels sprouts in Jacksonville once. They were fantastic. They'll be a great addition to Thanksgiving.