Tuesday, October 12, 2010

United States Customer Service - 1 Blackheath - 0

I realize it has been a few minutes since I posted and I apologize.  The adjustment to London life has gotten the better of me over the last few weeks and I haven't been in the mood to do much of anything.  I am having a hard time with a few things here and the main being the interaction between strangers in everyday life.   

I was at the grocery store on Sunday looking at deli meat for some sandwiches to be served to guests we were having over that afternoon.  All of the sudden I felt an elbow to my rib...a man in his late 50's/early 60's was nudging me out of the way so he could reach some ham.  I was so shocked and the NY in me won vs. my zen side.

(laughing) "Ummmmm...I must be in your way.  Let me let you get in here."

No apology, No "excuse me", No "Screw you...I hate women" (I would have even been okay w/that to be honest).....he just carried on reaching for the deli meat.   To be fair........maybe he was deaf.

Fast forward 10 minutes...I'm walking down the sweets isle in search of something Halloween themed for our guests when all of the sudden,  I feel a pinch at my ankle.  I quickly turn around and a woman (late 50s/early 60s again) has clipped me with her shopping cart.  

NY'er attitude came back.

(Laughing harder this time) "Seriously?  Do you need to get by?"

This time I was mad.  Again, no response.  To be fair,  maybe she had never stepped foot out in public until this day and didn't know how to interact with society.

Now some would say,  that I need to lighten up and learn not to automatically attack back.  I thought about it later that maybe it is a good point in some ways...but,  maybe people also need to learn basic respect for strangers.  If you bump someone and come into their space,  say "Excuse me...sorry about that".  If you run over a foot w/your cart,  say "Oh no, I'm sorry!"  ANYTHING!  It is unacceptable to me that people disrespect each other like that.  It is one of my biggest pet peeves and something that I get REALLY challenged by over here.

:::::::Breathe in......Breathe Out::::::.....Now....something I LOVE HERE!!!!   

THE FOOD!  ....That is what this blog is primarily about so let's move on!

I walked to Blackheath today,  a dream neighborhood about a twenty minute walk from where I live.  I wandered through all of the cute gardening, kitchen and boutique(y) shops.   I knew I hadn't reviewed anything in awhile (and I was thirsty) so I wandered into "Boulangerie Jade",  a cute french bakery in the heart of the Blackheath neighborhood.  

They closed at 6:00

I walked in and noticed a girl was folding all of the chairs up inside and outside.  The woman behind the counter says to me "You can only order to takeaway".  (Eileen inner monologue "Hello,  How are you today?  No?  Okay......".) 

I was a little taken back as, like I mentioned,  they closed at 6:00....it was 5:35.   Now, I drink a lot of coffee and I know that it doesn't take me more than 30 minutes to drink it but I guess they were nervous I would set up shop and not leave.  Slightly annoyed but sill wanting something,  I ordered an Americano (Espresso and Water) and a Biscotti.

The coffee was coffee....good 

The Biscotti was quite amazing I have to say.   It consisted of Almond, pistachio, polenta, rum, lemon, flour, eggs, butter and sugar according to the cafe's website.  The interesting ingredient that stuck out and I noticed right away was the lemon.   It was not too strong but also cut the sweetness and added a citrus element.  I loved it and had never experienced that in a biscotti...and I have had quite a few of these.  I'm a dunker and these are the best for that!

Despite being challenged by the rude customer service,  I would go back to experience more of the Boulangerie Jade beautiful pastries and savouries....but I would try to get there at least an hour before they close...as you aren't welcome after that...

To see more about Boulangerie Jade,  read here:



  1. I miss you and wish I was with you at the grocery store to have experienced you truly taking the high road. I'm so proud! See, you did it!

  2. Andy would disagree but I think by saying "Oh I'm sorry...I must be in your way"...IS TAKING THE HIGH ROAD!!!!