Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I was so excited...I had to walk away"

I got to meet a friend for lunch last week in Kensington at the cute lunch spot "Bumpkin".  I had a beautiful quiche with roasted tomatoes.  The restaurant was so adorable and I always love a kitchen that is visible to guests so you can see your food being prepared.  The green tiles were a great color along with the wide array of mirrors that were scattered throughout the restaurant.  Completely random,  but I also LOVED the wallpaper in the bathroom!  It is what I imagine it would look like if diamonds and snowflakes had babies.   There was a little hiccup with the service as our waiter waited on my friend to finish her soup before bringing out my food as she ordered salad also.   We ended up waiting 45 minutes for lunch as we didn't realize that was the hold up.  Oh well,  the food was well worth the wait and was as I like it...fresh and delicious!

After lunch,  we went to an art show and got our culture on...a great afternoon.

I also met my 1st London friend..Alyssa for coffee last week and she demanded I make my way to the flagship "Paperchase" store.   She was confident I would like it and thank god I took her direction!  This store changed my life...when I walked to the 2nd floor and saw the Christmas decor,  I was so excited...I had to walk away.  I felt my heart rate rising!!!  Hot Pink Christmas Trees!?!!?  Glitter Jesus in multiple colors!??!!?!  I couldn't contain myself!!!  It was as if a disco ball had exploded all over December up in there!  I LOVED IT!!!!  I also had an amazing experience in the gift card section where I found a) "Mrs. and Mrs" and "Mr and Mr" cards for gay couples (Love my gays and LOVE when they are recognized and allowed to share in the joy of greeting card receiving for their commitment ceremonies) and b) I found SHIRA and HEMAN cards!!!!!!  Any store that recognizes the single most important cartoon of the 80's is in my top 10 FOREVER!!!!

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