Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World Cuisine Challenge (WCC) Week 2/Day 2: Mac-n-Cheese MIRACLE!

I was humbled tonight by my horrible prep. and cooking skills and then blown away by the AMAZING result (I'll explain).  Since we had extra burgers from last night,  we had those and I tackled MAC-N-CHEESE for an ALL AMERICAN side dish!

I went again to Jamie Oliver's "America" book and,  let me tell you, this recipe could change your life.  It was one of the best things I have ever made (in my opinion...The Tester** will chime in also).  I have to give full credit to the amazing flavors used...among them Thyme, Garlic, Cheese (duh), Worcestershire sauce and nutmeg?...YEP...NUTMEG!

Noodles, Tomatoes, in the ROUX
The big "new" tonight was the making of the ROUX.  It seemed so intimidating to me but it came together easily (It's just melted butter and flour...who knew!?!?!?).  I was quickly reminded that I have a lot to learn, however,  when I brought it to a boil and it overflowed all over my stove top....just to keep it real and call myself out when needed ...rookie mistake.  Jamie Oliver would be shaking his head in disgust I have a feeling!

Heart cookies from powder!
Have a look at the recipe and give it a shot!:

Keeping w/my American theme,  I also made some Dunkin Hines Chocolate Chip Cookies from a bag.  I love that the recipe calls for powder in bag and 2 tablespoons of water...poof...cookie dough!  An American necessity...Dunkin Hines and Betty Crocker!!!

The Tester*** enjoyed the breadcrumb topping! words tonight will do this mac-n-cheese dish justice so I INSIST that you try it out for yourself.  Enjoy the photos!!!  Here are The Tester**'s thoughts.

"The Burgers gave me a sense of Deja Vu.  I was sad to see the mac-n-cheese look so so good because there was no way the substance could match up to the style."

(He is taking this him).

"uhhhhhhhh.  uhhhhhh"

(I think he is thinking here)

"But wait,  could it be?  The crispy breadcrumb top and the chunky tomato chunks just added uhhhh....just added.  No, uhhhhhh just added....just CONFOUNDED my expectations and lo did the mac-n-cheese taste as good as it looked....and the cookies were good too."  

I think that means he liked it and I love how he is getting into his role as "The Tester**"

**The tester is working on a catchier name for himself.  I am starting to like "The Tester" and fear it has stuck.

I was going to do Chicken tonight...but think I'll aim for that tomorrow!  I am loving a week of American cooking!!!!

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