Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World Cuisine Challenge Week to a rocky start :-/

Alright,  now that I'm on your good side with my oooober creative photos from the week thus far,  I hope I can get off the hook for phoning it in with Asia week thus far.   Monday night the Tester** made dinner as I was working on something and needed to give 100% of my time to it.  He made a mish mash of pasta, chicken and veg.  He added an Indian Curry sauce to it so we technically would be within our Asia requirements.  It was pretty good to be thrown together.  I love that about the Tester**.  He can really just throw stuff together where...I need a recipeMonday was Valentines day...we did nothing too fancy...that is where Tuesday comes in.  We decided to go out to celebrate our "because the calendar says we have to make it official today" love.   I make fun of it but I do love Valentines day.   We both wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant so we, again, would be staying within our Asian requirements for the week.  Our decision was Roka in Canary Wharf.  I'm attaching some pictures.  The food was AMAZING and it reminded me of Woo Lae Oak in New York (aside from the whole 'Korea is not Japan' thing).  The sashimi and sushi was so fresh and I may have had the most amazing lamb kebabs of my life!  DELISH!!!!    Enjoy the photos and link to the restaurant.   I hope to have some exciting stuff for you later in the week!!!  (I have no idea why that whole group of sentences became a link to the meal that The tester made on Monday...random)

Salmon and Yellowtail Sashimi

RiDONKulous Spicy Tuna Role 

Best Asian infused Lamb EVER!
Creme Brulee and Chocolate Pudding.

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