Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh Italy, how I love thee....

I have thought for a few days how I would sum up my AMAZING week in Florence and I've decided to share the trip in pictures.  It was a week filled with beautiful people, weather, places and....oh yeah...with beautiful WINE and FOOD!!!!  I will not soon forget the wonderful week spent with some dear friends in one of my favorite places in the world! 

Off the plane...1st thing to a GORGEOUS sandwich.

After my sandwich, I enjoyed some gelato in front of the Duomo Florence Cathedral.

La Giostra was our first evening meal.  I had Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli.  Not too bad in the food department on my first day. 
An interior shot of our restaurant.

Not a bad piazza to walk through every day.

My favorite picture from the whole trip.  This man was playing the violin on the street.  So perfectly Italian.

This is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore which was completed in 1426!  They don't make em like that anymore! 
Cocquinarius Wine Bar and Enoteca was where I headed for lunch.  This shot looks yellow but the tortellini with broad beans, potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint inside...yeah, it was good.

Is it time for Gelato again!?!?  Absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful prosciutto ham, mozzarella and basil salad to start dinner

This is called pasta alla Donna Karen because she apparently loves it and orders it often.  I had to try it!  It is a spaghetti pasta with shrimp, tomato sauce and finished with orange.  It was nice and tangy.

This was in the bathroom and I loved how a heart was painted and then people scratched out their messages.

Next night in Balogna we ate at Da Pietro Trattoria,  I started with a beet filled ravioli finished with pepper and pecorino cheese.

You are seeing this correctly.  This is RARE meat and I LOVED EVERY BITE OF IT!!!!  This region of Italy is known for the amazing meat and it did NOT disappoint!

We had beautiful wine all night but this dessert wine was particularly nice.  It had a hint of peach...delicious!

Lunch the next day was a smoked meat, cheese and basil sandwich with some fries to keep it real.  I can not say enough about the AMAZING food in Italy!

Afternoon cocktails were Prosecco with strawberry puree served with nuts and octopus salad...I mean, I guess it's rude to say no ;)!

I love the narrow streets in Italy.  They have so much history and character.

My friends and I headed to the street market in Florence where we saw some interesting things,  got scammed into paying too much for a necklace and, best of all...where we stumbled onto a food market!!!

I love beautiful fresh food!  We definitely enjoyed Lombardi food market!

MEAT Italian market style!

So many balsamic vinegar options.  We tasted one that had a syrup consistency and was intended for drizzling on cheese...absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful Flowers

Back to Cocquinarius Wine Bar and Enoteca (since I loved it so much a few days earlier) to try their pear and Gorgonzola cheese ravioli.  It is the house specialty!
Crostini with brie cheese, honey and toasted almonds

The colors in this painting are beautiful. 

Beauty where you least expect it...on the streets

College art students create the most beautiful artwork on the streets.




At the top of a hill overlooking Florence

Glass on the street.

Some more views of the Duomo

Arrivederci Italy....Until we meet again! 

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