Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It has finally calmed down following the wedding to end all weddings in London!  William and Kate are resting comfortably on an island somewhere sipping cocktails and recapping their AMAZING day.  Let's look back on the wedding experience through the eyes of the Southern Stump...As a newbie in London...I felt like i had a lot of prepping and studying up to do!!!!!

The paps are ready...and SO AM I!!!!  I have been studying up on my royal gos leading up to the big day!

Quick trip to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen's Tulips looked spectacular and ready for the wedding!

Stopped by Kensington Palace,  the home of the late Diana, Princess of Wales...and had tea to celebrate the upcoming wedding!  Here, I enjoy a BEAUTIFUL Cucumber Sandwich while planning my attack on the desserts!

The gardens at Kensington Palace were stunning!

Nothing says Congrats to the bride and groom like a piece of art made completely of JELLY BELLIES!  Thank you Selfridges!

Let's take a moment to recognize the fierceness that was Queen Elizabeth back in the day!

London is READY!!!

...and so is my work station!

I am DEFINITELY their target customer!!!!

Time to make my bunting.  Wrapping Paper, Check,  Scissors...check check....string and a stapler...yep!  Let's do this!

The Southern Stump practices FOCUS!  These must be PERFECT!
Remember these?  What is a royal kick off w/out Cucumber sandwiches!!!!?


Last day at work before the royal wedding.  We celebrated with a Royal tea...of course we did!!!

YUM!  Scone, Clotted Cream, Raspberry Jam....and, of course...a cuppa!!!

Kate asked me to hold her ring ;)!

The headline the morning of the wedding.  I got excited for the big event!

We spent the morning at Trafalgar Square for the wedding and Hyde Park after.  It was an ALL DAY PARTY!!!

Hyde Park celebrates the new couple!

I cannot tell you how much I loved the experience of seeing the Royal Wedding in London.  I know people love and hate the royals.   My take was two people in love,  we got the day off work and it was just a huge celebration...I really enjoyed it and I have to say...I am a bit of a royalist.  I think the whole thing is fabulous in a very reality TV, just for fun kind of way!  I can't wait to celebrate again for Harry and Pipa ;)!  

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