Monday, October 3, 2011

Pancakes, and tulips and cheese OH MY!!!

I had the wonderful opportunity of heading to Amsterdam this past week as part of my 9-5.  While working,  I stumbled onto some cool finds in this amazing city.  While there aren't too many photos of the architecture,  there is some other cool stuff.

How cute are these water bottles?   When you order water at a restaurant,  you don't get tap water (not even an option),  or large bottles of still water....but rather,  these cute tiny bottles.  I won't dwell on how much they set you back ...but cute enough...

...while shopping,  I stumbled onto these amazing primary color goodness stereos...If anyone knows what they are...let me know.  

Let's stop and enjoy the view...from my hotel room.



more fruit

beautiful fruit!

...and the smallest oranges I have ever seen...the size of a grape.

Whole Figs...haven't seen them whole before...maybe I have been living under a rock.

Enough fruit....CHEESE!!!!!!   Gouda, Edam, Goat's Cheese, SMOKED Cheese!!  Woot!

These selections will do...I'll try a bit of this...a bit of that!

Piles of smoked tasty!

Night has fallen,  let's head to the red light district.  If you have never heard of this area,  read about it here.

Now that you have read...yes,  prostitution is legal in the Red Light District.  I had no interest in that so I decided to awe over this dress in a window near by...amazing!!!!

Next day,  en route to breakfast,  I got to see The Flower Market!.  It was amazing and I saw flowers that I didn't know existed!  I hope I can go to The Tulip Festival one day.  Apparently,  there are tulip fields as far as the eye can see!!!!  

Bulbs waiting to be purchased and planted!!!

This is one I haven't seen before...

Let's get to the good stuff...the food of the region.  More specifically,  my dutch pancakes!!!!  I have this thing where I'm loving taking photos of coffee.  You may recall the cup of joe from my last post on Paris.   It was more feminine and shabby chic in appearance.  In Holland,  the cups were glass sitting on a bright yellow saucer.  I loved how cute (but different to Paris) it was.  This will be something I continue to photograph as I travel.

I give you...DUTCH PANCAKES!!!!!  These were a mini-version covered in powdered sugar and (yes you saw that right)...BUTTER!!!!  It was as delicious as you are imagining!!!

 I couldn't believe I stumbled onto some POST-IT war art!  I read about this new street art  phenomena happening around the world where people make art with post-it notes.  Check out more images HERE from a story run by The Guardian recently.

I know there isn't too much in terms of tourist photos but that isn't ultimately what this blog is about.  It's more of the random stuff...and I found plenty of that in Amsterdam.

Here are a few more things I'm obsessing over recently....

1)  I need these sequin pants from Reiss. 

2)  I was at a coffeehouse and their tip jar was a £ sign (UK Money for US peeps) on a plastic computer key like this one.   

4)  A new FOODIE blog!!!  I can't wait to try some of these great recipes!!  Check out the roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar.  HAPPY FALL!!!!!

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