Sunday, March 20, 2011

The London Wine and Cheese Festival

Yesterday was a beautiful day in London and, fingers crossed,  the start of Spring.  The Tester** and I decided to head out and experience some of the city while checking out the scene at the South Bank.   I love as they keep me up to date on what is going on in London and I really need that as I tend to miss my social schedule that I had in New York.  I'm so glad mentioned the Wine and Cheese Festival taking place yesterday and so glad we went!

The festival was comprised of about 15 booths selling wines, cheeses and other fun culinary items (see cheese macaroons below...yum).  The weather could not have been more perfect...and The Tester** surprised me with two glasses of champagne when we met up... to kick off our day and tasting!  Here are some photos of our day!

Yum. Cheese, Cheese and CHEESY CHEESER CHEESE!

Wine Tastings

Beautiful selection of Olives 

The tester and his banged up finger hit the spot with his champagne surprise!

The coolest, most dense, perfectly shaped English Muffins I have ever seen!

Stilton Beauty!!!!

Yes please!!!!

Very interesting taste...sweetness of a macaroon and savory taste of goats cheese!  It was an interesting idea and we really enjoyed these treats!

The Tester** enjoys a Chorizo and Cheddar grilled sandwich.  Oh yeah, that was awesome too!  The tester's identity is hidden to protect his identity.  He is becoming quite famous ;)!

Beautiful cheese dish.  Cheese is melted under these machines and then poured over sausage and potatoes!!!!

Cheese on a String!  Sure!  Why not!??!?!

An amazing day!  Here is a link to the festival we attended and TimeOut which supplies me w/all of the happenings in London:

If anyone wants to put together a cheese plate for their next gathering,  take a look at these tips from  I found them quite helpful!!!!

  I will keep an eye out for upcoming events and will make sure to share them with you all! 

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  1. Oh my. Look at all that wine and cheese. I think that must be what heaven looks like.