Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World Cooking Challenge: Shrimp Po Boys, Fry Ups and Bedroom Decor!

Frying = Not fun/Not healthy!
So Cajun week ended with a Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich.  I will keep it brief.  This was the most stressful meal I have made to date due to the FRYING of the shrimp.  UGHHHH...batter, veg. oil, potential 3rd degree burns...MY LIFE!  The finished result was an AMAZING SANDWICH!  I was full but forced myself to finish it because it tasted so darn good!  Remember that whole personal trainer/gaining weight comment a few posts back......yeah,  maybe mamma should go back and read that ;)!

This weekend after a night on the town with The Tester*,  we made a Saturday morning fry up!  For my non UK friends,  a fry up consists of the following:

- Bacon
- Fried Eggs
- Onions
-  Tomatoes
- Baked Heinz Beans
-  Toast with Butter

You basically fry up your bacon,  throw your eggs in to FRY next to your bacon,  add your onions guessed it...fry next to the bacon and eggs and finally, add your tomatoes at the end to warm through.  You can do this in the states and, let me say,  I HIGHLY recommend you try it.  Meanwhile,  cook up your toast and add butter...and warm your Heinz Beans (or any sweet baked beans)...don't knock it until you have tried it!

In other news,  the bedroom is in full swing.  After testing about 10 colors on the wall,  I landed on Dulux's "Malt Chocolate".  This has been my project and I'm almost done...I am so glad we chose this color...absolutely beautiful!  Now, we have to attack how we will decorate the room!!!! Stay tuned!


  1. I remember laughing at warm tomatoes the first time I experienced the fry up - now I love them that way.

  2. I never thought I'd see a day when I craved beans for breakfast...beans on toast? EVEN BETTER!