Saturday, March 12, 2011

World Cooking Challenge on PAUSE

Hi everyone.

I'm here...all is good but I have been slacking in the cooking department.  I can't believe to me now...slacking is making lamb Greek burgers instead of a fancy all out meal.  The themes and countries have taken a back seat to what is more cost conscious ;)!

I did make some fajitas last week and want to share the evolution of a fajita with you.  Also note at the end....the night I let The Tester** make dessert.  Does he have the cooking chops of his partner these days?

Add your cooked peppers and onions
Throw in your chicken
Can we get some color?  Beautiful Lettuce
Manchego all day ...YUM
Salsa and Sour Cream anyone?
Squeeze of lime and roll it up.  Add your rice and beans...POOF. YUM!
The Tester** took a shot at dessert.....hmmmmmmmmm

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